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LIMS Services

LIMS Services-Environmental Laboratories

Pre-Transfer Survey

Legacy LIMS System Data Evaluation (Non-Refundable)

Travel to server/data site to:

    Interview IT Support Staff

    Review and evaluate a LIMS data download for:

        Field names

        Field data type

        Continuity of fields

        Review time required to produce LIMS data and download size

        Review IT support to produce and load a data download

Prepare statement of work for Askew Scientific to produce a data file in new LIMS import format.

Legacy LIMS Data Transfer

    Receive legacy LIMS data in readable format:




    Transfer data from received format into Current LIMS import format: (Hourly + Expenses)

    Identify field name transfer

    Identify corrupt data

    Run transcription error check for data type: (Hourly + Expenses)




    Deliver transferred LIMS data file to client. (Hourly + Expenses)

Additional Service

    Work with Current LIMS user or provider with transferred LIMS data. (Hourly + Expenses)

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